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The economical, ecological and natural solution for your swimming pool.

OZONEX is the most economical, ecological and natural water treatment system to treat your swimming pools, spas and ponds.


Its water decontamination potential is far superior to that of chlorine. This process allows the destruction of all organic matter, bacteria, germs and viruses..


OZONEX offers bathers a perfectly disinfected swimming pool which is no longer synonymous with aggressive water and thus eliminates all skin irritations and all attacks on the eyes and hair.


Ozone acts on pollutants by improving the transparency of water, it eliminates iron and manganese, metals often responsible for the color of water.


Ozone has a very important disinfectant power since it has a clear, rapid and radical action on viruses, germs, bacteria and algae spores. Finally, it is a means of eliminating stubborn earthy, musty or pharmaceutical odors without leading to the appearance of tastes as is the case for chlorinated derivatives.


Ozone has become a quality reference for drinking water, the city of Nice has been benefiting from this treatment since 1907..


Made from ambient air, ozone significantly reduces the energy consumption needed to manage ponds.




Ozone or trioxygen (O³) is a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms, of which it constitutes a relatively unstable allotropic form. It is consequently an energetic oxidant, an excellent biocide, which has been and still is widely used in water purification as a replacement for bleach because its instability prevents any remanence (drinking water, waste water, swimming pools, etc...).


It is also used against certain ''domestic'' odors to combat indoor air pollution by emitting a ''clean'' odor (ozone comes from the Greek ozein, to smell).


The OZONEX system in its application has two originalities:


1. Ozonation

2. De-ozonation

ozonex company injection principle
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The production of ozone and the addition of this oxidant to the water is not done by injection but by suction (VENTURI effect).


Indeed, the tapping located before the filtration pump, it is the suction of the latter which naturally, will lead the air by depression in the generator then in the water pipe. When passing through the generator, the more or less 20% of oxygen will be transformed into OZONE.


The impeller of your filtration pump will necessarily mix the ozone intimately with the water (emulsion) and therefore optimize disinfection by instantly destroying all organic matter.



Ozone, a very powerful oxidant, chemically unstable in gas mixtures and especially in liquids, is easily recomposed into oxygen. The pressure between the pump and the filter will immediately and completely recombine the remaining ozone into oxygen. This natural operation is not mechanical but physical.


Disinfection by OZONEX is carried out in the filtration without ever finding ozone in the pool. This necessarily requires the addition of a residual oxidant (chlorine or bromine) in very small quantities.


This contribution can be automated by us. Indeed, the OZONEX Company manufactures and markets pH, O.R.P. (chlorine or bromine).


ozonex swimming pool water treatment


OZONEX is the most economical water treatment system to treat your swimming pools and spas.. Made from the ambient air, ozone considerably reduces the energy consumption necessary for the management of the basins.

A permanent renewal of the water quality allows a substantial saving, a natural air circuit is sufficient.

Ozone destroys all organic matter (bacteria, germs and viruses...).
It is therefore sufficient to use a minimum of chlorine for the remanence (only 0.4 ppm).

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Keep only the pleasure of the swimming pool.

Enjoy the comfort of HEALTHY, PURE and connected water.

swimming pool automatic ph regulator
swimming pool automatic ph regulator


We talk about us

swimming pool automatic ph regulator




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swimming pool automatic ph regulator

Remote management


My Ozonex

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swimming pool automatic ph regulator

Remote management system


My Ozonex

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ozone pool water treatment ozonator

OZONEX professional ozonators use a rapid process that can treat water for all types of pools. They destroy in one go, organic matter, germs, bacteria and viruses present in water and CHLORAMINES.

Your pools keep water crystal clear, hygienic and pure at all times.

POOL AUTOMATION with integrated automatic pH and REDOX regulator

My Ozonex pool automation is a set of technologies for controlling, automating and programming the various equipment in your swimming pool (amperometric sensors for active and total chlorine values, automatic pH regulator, ORP regulator, anti-algae, pump filtration, filter, ozonator, UV lamp, electrolyser, booster, lighting, heating, temperature, etc. wherever you are.

Pool automation saves money on your bills by helping you control your water, energy and consumable product consumption.

With our My Ozonex pool automation our technical department provides monitoring and can intervene on the settings remotely.

For public swimming pools

For private pools


Building on our years of experience in water treatment with ozone, we now specialize in the development and manufacture of connected home automation and automatic regulators for swimming pools and spas.

This new range of automatic regulator allows pool owners to manage most of their installation. The devices are connected by wifi or bluetooth and can be controlled remotely using a smartphone or tablet. The design has been thought out so that you can install them yourself, the set is pre-assembled, very easy to connect.

You can choose the SMART'OZO solution with integrated ozonator or the My Ozonex mini connected automatic regulator..

My Ozonex mini

Automatic pH/REDOX regulator connected

ozone redox automatic ph regulator

The My Ozonex mini automatic regulator controls pH- and chlorine (bleach). It is an electronic device whose role is to guarantee a constant pH and chlorine level in the water of your swimming pool. Thanks to it, the drudgery of checking and adding corrector is over and there is no more risk of error due to imprecise interpretation of the measurement strips.


Régulateur automatique de pH/REDOX connecté

avec ozonateur intégré

regulateur automatique ph redox ozonex

Like My Ozonex mini, the SMART'OZO will manage the pH as well as the REDOX but it doesn't stop there, for complete and natural disinfection, the integrated ozonator will give you complete satisfaction, it will destroy in one go the organic matter, germs, bacteria and viruses present in the water as well as a large part of the chloramines.

We are here to help you...

Questions ? Need documentation, an estimate ?

The entire Ozonex team is at your disposal.

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